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What is Royal Arch Masonry

It is the first step in York Rite Masonry. Here within the Chapter you will receive the necessary instruction and information to fill in some of the missing pieces from the Masonic history taught in the Masonic Lodge. The Chapter is referred as Capitular Masonry, providing a member the opportunity for further advancement within the brotherhood.

Every Chapter within the Province of New Brunswick falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of New Brunswick.

To become a member of a Chapter, you must first be a Mason, and then you may apply for an application. Once accepted you will receive three Degrees: Mark Master Mason, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason.

What Royal Arch Masonry is not

It is not an insurance or benefit society. It is neither a religion  nor a creed, nor a religious order. it is not a charity organization  but makes charity a duty. It is not organized for profit. It dictates to no man as to his beliefs, either religious or secular. It seeks no advantages for its members  through business or politics.

It is not a forum for discussion of religion, politics or other partisan  affairs. It is not  a secret society as it does not conceal its existence or purposes from men or Master Masons. 

It does not conflict with Blue Lodge.

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